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Testimonies at Winning Faith Ministries

Benjamin Emmanuel

Zurich, Switzerland

Before I became a member of Winning Faith Ministries (WFM), I used  to think speeaking in tongues is fake, but when I got to WFM The Lord use His humble servants to open my eyes to the truth, now i know and believe that speaking in tongues is real and its from God Almighty. Hallelujah!!! I thank God Almighty for Pastor Jonathan & Silvia Fajembola in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.


Ibadan , Nigeria

Sity-two years old Waidi was struck down by a hit and run motor cyclist. He was carried unconscious by people near by who knew his place of residence. (Waidi lives alone) He was left unconscious for four days. He was taken to the hospital smelling. The hospital was unwilling to accept him. Waidi's sister a Muslim, aware of intensive prayer promised to abandon her faith if her brother got healed. When Waidi started recovering three different doctors testified to the fact of Waidi's pace of recovery. His sister stood by her promise to accept Christ. It is over three years now, she has remained steadfast. 


Zurich, Switzerland

Before beginning our 21 days prayer and fasting i decided that i will have to reduce my intake of coffee because i take sometimes 10 cups of it a day. But to the glory of God all through i didnt even took a cup of it and now for over one month. The addiction is totally broken to the glory of God. 


Zurich, Switzerland

During our 21 days prayer and fasting, one of the things i believed God for was for God to settle my brother in life. Beloved during this period my brother applied for Visa to a first world nation and he was given 2 years visa. To God be the glory


Ibadan, Nigeira

Brother Daniel just started attending Wining Faith Ministries Ibadan. His friend's sister returned from Lagos sick. Brother Daniel was alerted concerning the lady's condition. He prepared to visit his friend before leaving he prayed thus. If God is indeed present in Wining Faith let this lady regain her good health. God of Wining Faith Ministry heal my friend's sister.

Brother Daniel having just joined the Ministry wanted a prove that he was in the right Ministry. Meanwhile condition of the lady got worse. She stopped breathing, her legs and hand getting cold. Daniels friend's wife intensified her prayer for her sister-in-law. Neighbours were convinced there was no hope. By the time brother Daniel and his friend got to the place where a struggle for the lady's life was ongoing,they joined the prayer battle. After a while the lady came back to life. Praise God


Zurich, Switzerland

During our last 21 days prayer and fasting at the beginning of 2016, i believed God for the grace to pass my exams to stay in my school. The teachers told me i have to do well if i want to continue in the same school. To the glory of God the result came out and i passed. Halleluyah


Zurich, Switzerland

At the beginning of 2015 i came after the first Sunday service i came to ask the Pastor to pray for me that i wantto buy my own house in that year. The Pastor joined hand with me and Pst.Johnson together prayed and stopped that he heard that God will do it. I was surpirsed same sunday evening my wife called me that  we need to go and see a house that someone was selling. We went and we loved the house and same day we did the negotiations but we need to come up with some money. I come to testify to God that by today 1st week of 2016 everything is settled and i and my family are living it now to the glory of God.

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